Configuring iControlPad with DraStic for Android

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Configuring iControlPad with DraStic for Android

Post by fzero » Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:58 am

Using the iControlPad with DraStic

For me this is a great combination.
If you’re running DraStic on an Android device which doesn’t have physical controls, you may want to use an external gamepad.
If you’ve an iCP you can configure DraStic to use it in no time at all.
[Other controllers do work too, but I’ve just the iCP and it works well]

The below outlines the steps taken to achieve this, for anyone new to iCP.

You’ll need a Bluetooth enabled device and to install the BluezIME application, which is free from the Play Store, here: ... zime&hl=en

1] Open the BluezIME app once installed to your Android device.

2] Tap the option ‘Select Device’, then tap the option ‘Scan…’
This will then prompt to enable Bluetooth on your device [if not already on], click OK so the app enables your Bluetooth.

3] Whilst your Android device is scanning, you’ll need to turn on your iCP in SPP Mode.
To do this, hold down the following key combination:

4] BluezIME should now list your iCP, it’ll probably be named ‘iControlPad’ suffixed with some alpha-numeric characters.
Select it.

5] On your device still, tap the option ‘Select Device Driver’, where you can then select the value ‘iControlPad’.

6] Then select the next option down, ‘Configure Key Mapping’, here you can override any of the key inputs if you wish.
For the most part, the defaults will be fine.

7] Then, pick the option ‘Select IME’, this sets your device to use the BluezIME configured controller [iCP] rather than the default Android on-screen keyboard.
If you do not see the option for BluezIME here, click the text ‘Set Up Input Methods’.
This will open up your devices Language And Keyboard settings, where you can then enable the BluezIME.

8] Finally, open DraStic and click 'Change Options', scroll down the available options until you see 'Use Key Mappings'.
As default the option 'None' is checked. Select one of the other options named 'no mapping', then press the 'Map Keys' button.
Just follow the simple steps on screen to define your keys.

You should now be able to use the iCP with the emulator.

Please note:
You may find that when trying to use other apps later, like your Web Browser, that your on-screen keyboard doesn’t display.
If this occurs, it’s because your Android device is still only using the BluezIME as the input method editor.
You can either change this in your Language And Keyboard Settings, or simply open BluezIME app again and pick the option to ‘Select IME’, this time though you will choose your default input method ‘HTC Sense Input’ for example.

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Re: Configuring iControlPad with DraStic for Android

Post by mr_loon » Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:06 am

Just a quick note to say that using a standard bluetooth controller like this one does not require BluezIME, just pair it up, configure it (once) in the DraStic options, and then away you go.

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