Pokemon Black 2 not playable saying saves are corrupted

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Pokemon Black 2 not playable saying saves are corrupted

Post by Giaky » Mon Feb 20, 2023 4:08 pm


I've been playing Pokemon Black 2 (Italy version, both dsi enhanced and not) flawlessly for more than a year on DraStic,
Ive never had any problem with saves, savestates and transferring saves from or to other emulators.
Today when I started the game it showed me "New Game" and pressing it it says that game saves are corrupted.
More specifically it says that I can play but i can't save and to power off the console but in reality I can't play whatever i do.
Trying to cancel save .dsv from backup folder didn't make a difference, a new corrupted file is being created every time i press "New Game".
Also when i try to cancel saves in game (UP + Select + B) it doesn't care if there is or not a saves, it gives me the same error, corrupted saves, and create a corrupted file in the backup folder.

Last time I played the game was at the start of January so before the updates I think.

I have an Samsung a52s and every other game plays flawlessly, even other Pokemon games

Can anybody help me to find a solution?

p.s. this problem made me lose my latest save file and I have to use and older backup

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