Some suggestions...

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Some suggestions...

Post by noba » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:34 pm

Not sure how easy these will be to implement, the first should be, but the second... I'm not so sure. Either way, onto the suggestions;

1: A way to press 2 keys in the binding screen so that when they're pressed together they activate what one key would do. For example, say if you wanted to press the start button, but for some ODD reason your controller doesn't have that many buttons (with the Zeemote, for example. Which is what I use.), you can bind it so you can press 2 buttons at the same time on the Zeemote controller and this will act as a start button.

2: A way to trim sections out of one screen and overlay them on the other. This would be useful for landscape 1 screen mode, where I can trim useful information I need out of 1 screen and overlay it on the other screen. I wouldn't be able to interact with them, since I'm not sure if that's possible, but it would help. For example, the game Nanostray 2 displays lives, how much of your special ability is left, and boss health/rank/name on the lower screen, while gameplay is on the top. It's annoying to have to pause the game to switch between screens just to check on information, so this would be very helpful.

3: This has likely already been implemented but I only received my Zeemote today so I'm not sure if it's already added. Correct me if it is and it shall be removed.
The ability to have external controller profiles for different games. Like i said, it's probably already added, so ignore me if it is and I'll delete it ;)

Give me some constructive criticism if you can! I feel like these would be pretty useful features, I just hope they're easy to implement! :)

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