Se me congela el Juego, ¡Ayuda!

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Se me congela el Juego, ¡Ayuda!

Post by DrVivaldi » Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:27 am

Hace poco que me compré la versión full de DraStic. Todo iba bien (jugaba a Pokemon Negro 2), y el emulador no tenía ni problemas de velocidad, ni de opciones ni de nada. Pero justo ayer empezó a congelarse el juego así porque sí,se quedaba la pantalla fija con el sonido bugg y ni cerrando DS ni cargando desde el Save del emulador se quitaba, tenía que hacer reset del Room.
Creía que era un error puntual pero hoy ya me ha pasado 3 veces, y no quiero tener que guardar partida cada cinco minutos por miedo a que se me congele la pantalla.

PD: No uso Cheats ni nada que altera el juego original

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The game frezzes, Help!

Post by dsattorney » Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:32 am

Pal, here we only talk in English. Please speak in English. (I have a dejavu sensation about this.)
For anyone that wants to help him, here's what he is saying:
DrVivaldi wrote:I recently bought the full version of DraStic. Everything was fine (I was playing Pokemon Black 2), and the emulator had no problems of speed, neither options nor anything. But yesterday the game began to freeze, because the screen remained frozen with the sound bugged and neither closing the DS nor loading from the emulator's save went away, I had to reset the ROM.
I thought it was a punctual error but it has happened to me 3 times today, and I do not want to have to keep saving every five minutes fearing that the screen freezes.
PD: I do not use cheats or anything that alters the original game.
I also corrected some spelling mistakes like ROM with double o and such. Feel free to improve this translation.
PD: If you want to know what the dejavu feeling is about, go here: ... ke-Android. (I appear as emulationfan.)
Other places to find me:
VOGONS: (as olddos25)

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