First App I have EVERY paid for.. are there really Piracy Protections

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First App I have EVERY paid for.. are there really Piracy Protections

Post by caylean » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:57 am

I just had to check the "The App Is Broken Because You Didn't Pay For It" Section and it makes me laugh my ass of.

I had before I went to buy Drastic not a single friggin game on my Phone that was actually paid. I had several shady Apps like GameGuardian or LuckyPatcher and some Cracked Paid Apps, but when the time came and I wanted to play DS Games on my Phone.. that was the first time I didn't had a problem to actually buy it.

Thats ridiculous... in some kind of way. The Time I actually owned a DS are like 11 years behind me, at that time I nearly biweekly bought a new game. When I moved to the Philippines, I gave the NDS to my lil Sister.

Then I got my first decent Android Phone and wanted to play again.. and after like 3 Month I actually bought two Emulator, to play Games, that I download ..... in a not legal way.... PPSSPP and Drastic.

And NOW I see for the first time... that I made a good choice for NOT using a cracked version of Drastic.. its just... amazing for me ... 28-Jan-2016 at 5:41pm ... I even have the 'receipt' of it.

Well, mostly what I wanted to say with my thread..... GREAT WORK ... Keep on the good work, even if there seem to be no update since 17-Jul-2016 ... but what do I always say.. "Never change a running System"

Kind regards

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