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From pirated version to paid

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:55 am
by skye
Hi there!

My friend gave me a cracked apk of drastic around a month ago since I wanted to play pokemon on my phone. My experience was really great so I decided to pay for the actual game when I fix my problems with my credit card. However, last week, days before buying the emulator, I don't know what exactly happened but the pirated/cracked version I was using at the time broke. Before having that glitch or whatever, the game wasn't in sync with my phone's time... but after glitching out, the game suddenly synced with my phone's time, but I wasn't able to load my savestates anymore. I was able to still continue using in-game saves, though. This is not my actual question, but do you guys know what could have possibly happened? I know I used a cracked version, but I just wanna know if there's an explanation for it.

My actual question is: If I switch to the paid version now, will that glitch not appear on the paid version anymore? Does that only happen to the cracked versions? I tried other cracked versions of the emulator, and all of them didn't make me load savestates for some reason. Also, will I be able to continue my old game (using the in-game save) when I switch to the paid version?

Thank you very much in advance.

Re: From pirated version to paid

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:52 pm
by TkSilver
So I can't guarantee that you can recover that save on the paid version of DraStic, but yes the cracked versions have 2 issues that cause weird things to happen.

1. They are based on older code which does not have some fixes later code does so some issues are just issues there was an october bug in pokemon and if your lucky that might be the issue with your save and maybe it can be fixed by using a paid version.

2. Exo or Lordus (not sure which) basically put little things in the emulator which break it if someone messes with google's license verification (cracks it). This can cause all sorts of bizarre behaviors to manifest.

Side note the clock jump was probably either 1 or 2, but the fact that pokemon handles "time jumping" heroes so badly is just a part of Pokemon on the DS as well as DraStic, so you should probably avoid Savestates (as much as possible) when you play it on the paid version as well. Also never savestate after you are no longer able to make an in game save (elite 4 or what ever they are called in black) going back to the title screen like that will brick that save.