Pokemon save corruption issues (work-around in thread)

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Re: Pokemon save corruption issues (work-around in thread)

Post by hackepeter » Fri May 31, 2019 4:00 am

I just went all over these 14 pages and cant find any solution to my problem.
The first time i played Pokemon SS is was bugged i guess. I got to the point at the lake of rage where the red gyarados didnt drop the red scale. That means i cant continue. So i decided to restart from beginnin. (Here is my last ingame save)

Now here we go:
I played pretty much on quickload saves and savestates, because i forgot to delete the old ingame save. So my last quickload save is before i fight lance.
After i defeat the E4, i cant continue because there is only an ingame save from much earlier.
When i try so save ingame (on my quickload before i fight lance) it says: There is alreay a saved game file it is impossible to save. Please refer to the instruction booklet for details.
I clearly unterstand the problem but i dont know how to fix it because nothing of these 14 pages worked. My ingame save is pretty much grounded in the quickload. If i delete the ingame save i wont affect the ingame save in my savestate because of this grounding. Is there any way to avoid this and renew an ingame save from my accuall gameplay on my quickload?

Plssssssssss help me :)

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