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Ingame save location in SaveState - Pokemon Black 2

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 10:22 am
by szaguldani

I encountered an issue where I'm not able to overwrite my ingame save file (because of a previous run). The game itself does not allow to overwrite the ingame save (it writes the msg "impossible to save...") and I'm not able to clear the ingame save from that savestate in an other way (even if I disable the option "store ingame saves in the savestates", when I make a savestate again, it does not overwrite the already existing one).

I would like to replace the ingame save in the saveState manually (all I've found is that the ingame save size is 512KB) by copying the hex values from a saveState where there is no ingame save. Does someone know where exactly the ingame save is located in the savestate / what to search for?

I've also attached the savestate.

Thanks for the help!


Re: Ingame save location in SaveState - Pokemon Black 2

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 12:18 pm
In every Pokemon game on the DS you can use Up + Select + B on the title screen to clear your save.

I don't know how Pokemon Black 2 would react if you remove the save file from the savestate and it may likely do nothing or save a corrupted version of that save.
What you can try is to disable "Store ingame saves in the savestates", load your savestate, delete that savestate from Manage Savestates and save a new savestate. Then reset the game and delete the ingame save using the combination I typed before, after that reload your savestate