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DraStic is limited to 1080p

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:39 pm
by MK73DS
Hello everyone,

My phone has a 1440p (2960x1440) screen, but it looks like DraStic is rendering everything in 1080p. I noticed that first when I wanted to place my screens "pixel-perfectly" on my background, and for that I directly edited the dat files in DraStic/config folder. But I realized that the placement was relative to a 1080p screen, not a 1440p one. The second time I noticed that was today, I wanted to show my friends a passage in a game and so screen recorded my phone. To have the best quality, I cropped the two screens, resized to 2x265*192 (resolution of the DS) and upscaled 4 times again without any filtering to have this beautiful pixelated effect. However... the render wasn't as expected. On the left is what I got, and on the right is what I expected : ... 6174a9.png

This problem is from the fact that DraStic is rendered in 1080p on my 1440p screen, and so there are some upscaling artifacts. To prove that, I used the feature that cames with my phone which allows me to change the screen resolution. I took a screenshot at 1080p (so this should be native resolution for DraStic) and one at 1440p (so this should be upscaled from 1080p to 1440p). To be sure, I also upscaled the 1080p screenshot to 1440p, with a linear filtering. Here are the results, from top to bottom : 1440p screenshot, 1080p screenshot, upscaled 1080p to 1440p screenshot. ... 6174a3.png

(NB : I upscaled these screenshots four times, without any filtering (each pixel becomes a square of 4 pixels), to better see the details)

The fact that I never noticed that shows how little an issue this is, because of the size of smartphone screens which are, even for big ones like my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, pretty small for the resolution they have.
However, this is now an issue for my who wants to videocapture some gameplay, and also I'd like to get the most of my device. I'm sure a lot of DraStic players do play other games and emulators on their phone and they paid a premium one to get the best experience. It's quite dissapointing that I never enjoyed the best experience, and know I even notice the small blurriness arround contrasted content.

I hope this is an issue from my phone and/or this can be fixed very easily.
Thank you for your help :)

EDIT : Looks like I can't put more that 1 spoiler tag (the other one does not work). Sorry for the first picture which may be quite big on some monitors
EDIT 2 : Well, the spoiler tag doesn't work at all on my second image ... Sorry for the huge picture, I'll upload them somewhere else

Re: DraStic is limited to 1080p

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:27 pm
by xperia64
I think certain Samsung phones run games at a lower resolution to save power, there might be an option for it in game, power, or display options.

Re: DraStic is limited to 1080p

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:33 pm
by MK73DS
I disabled anything game related (like Game Tools and Game Launcher), and as said I always use my phone at the maximum resolution setting. Power saving mode is disabled too.

I'll search more about that "feature" to know how to disable it. Thank you for your help

EDIT : One of the Game service is messing around with that, but there is no official way to disable it.
Because my phone is rooted, I froze all the Game related services and after a phone reboot I was surprised to find that my screens aren't placed well on my background : success !

It's quite sad for the non rooted users because I didn't found any way to disable these services. Even with all permission disabled (and the "modify system options" one too) DraStic was still running in 1080p.