App Crashing

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App Crashing

Post by LordLouieIII » Sun Apr 28, 2019 1:40 am

I just recently downloaded this emulator to play the NDS versions of Pokémon on my smartphone(Android); so far I have been satisfied but now that I have had the app for a few days it crashes randomly while I'm in the middle of maneuvering through caves, trainer battles, etc. Having to go back and redo 20-30 mins of playing time is a bit irritating and tiresome. I got pop-up informing me that my storage was getting full and it may cause the app to crash (only one time). I have had other emulators (free) in the past but I erased all traces of them from my device, I even went so far as to connect my phone to my laptop and went through its storage and did a thorough cleaning of unnecessary files, pictures, videos, pretty much anything that took up a good portion of memory that wasn't too important to me. For a bit, maybe a day or so, I no longer had this issue and was able to play uninterrupted but unfortunately the problem is reoccurring again (without the notice of a full storage). I'm just curious if this is a problem for others as well, and if so what can be done to attempt to prevent future crashes.

P.S. I realize that I should save regularly to be on the safe side due to experience with the free emulators I have dealt with and try to do so as much as possible but I had hoped to avoid this problem by utilizing a paid emulator -- a bit dissatisfied that I am still having the same issues I had with free emulators while using a paid one. Besides this hiccup I have had no other issues or complaints; this is one of the best emulators I have used and I am still very satisfied.

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Re: App Crashing

Post by SSUPII » Sun Apr 28, 2019 6:33 pm

Are you sure the storage is not full again?
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