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8Bitdo A, B, X, Y button is completely swapped even after remapping

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:21 pm
by marpet0805
Hi, i am Marpet0805 and i have been trying to use Drastic for Android with an 8bitdo Nes30 Pro. However, i noticed that A, B, X, Y is completely swapped A > < B X > <Y Well, in the drastic menu both A and B is treated as A.
I've been trying to find answers but no luck so far. And after closer inspection in the Generic Controller mapping, the buttons are as i thought, swapped and there is no way for me to change it. And my guess is that the mapping profile
is applied even after using a different mapping profile in the External Controller section.

I hope what i say make sense. Also sorry if my grammar isn't perfect.