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A button glitch

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:26 am
by CHN_Obsidian
Hold down the d-pad, any of ABXY, L and R in order, and release any of ABXY will cause L to release. This affects all drastic versions and could be a big problem when playing games like Megaman.

Sorry for my bad English :| but this issue is very gamebreaking.Any one can fix that? Thanks! :D

Edit: This glitch also affects R button, just change the order of L and R.

Edit 2: This glitch is very unstable and sometimes with some special key sequences it may also release the Dpad or ABXY.

Edit 3: Also affects START and SELECT. What's happening here? :| :?

Edit 4: Things are getting worse if holding these 6 buttons at the same time. It seems like there are some problems with the emulator to handle these buttons.
Could this be fixed? :? :?: :geek: