Savestate Semiglitch - Single Freeze

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Savestate Semiglitch - Single Freeze

Post by jaideniv » Fri Jul 27, 2018 9:31 am

So I've scoured the forums abit and the FAQ but I couldn't find this problem, so apologies if it exists somewhere I don't know about

Basically, my savestates work, there's just one small problem: if I open up drastic and savestate, the app freezes. However the save itself is fine. I can also unfreeze the game by opening the Drastic menu again, closing the menu, and progressing normally.

However, if I open drastic, close the app via the dropdown menu, open Drastic again and THEN savestate, the savestate doesn't freeze the app and I keep going as normal.

Obviously this isn't a huge problem as I could always open drastic, save once, quit, and open it again and play normally until the next time I have to do this. It would just be convenient if I could get this whole thing fixed for good.

Any ideas/solutions?

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