Comparability from other emulators

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Comparability from other emulators

Post by Tommaccy » Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:58 am

Hi all,

I've been playing Pokémon Heartgold on the NDS Boy for Android, after many (I mean many) glitches and app closures I've decided to see if it runs better on DraStic DS emulator.

My question is: is there anyway to move my safe files from the NDS Boy over too DraStic, I have used in-game saves ADD save states.

Thank you

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Re: Comparability from other emulators

Post by SSUPII » Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:18 pm

Drastic uses .dss files for savestates and .dsv files for in-game saves.
If your old emulator uses that formats you should be fine by just moving the save files
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