May require patch/fix or has one...

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May require patch/fix or has one...

Post by Androidturreted » Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:43 am

:arrow: I have been enjoying DraStic quite a bit, jumping major problems that my older emu lator couldn't. I end up recieving a problem like this. Running the game and selecting a language softlocks the game with a blue and black screen, then crashing about 15sec after. The file is here:!HElDFCSC!LYj2XqzL9nuj ... _g-jpIHKFg

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Re: May require patch/fix or has one...

Post by SSUPII » Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:05 am

Try downloading the game from another website.

Check if your SD Card is not dieing.
If the SD Card is a really cheap one check if it is full, delete something and redownload the game.
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