Alternative licence management for a very obscure usecase

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Alternative licence management for a very obscure usecase

Post by doublehardcunt » Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:31 pm

I've been a Custom ROM user for years now, specifically falling back to LineageOS (Formerly CyanogenMod).

I've been mostly fine with using Google Apps (Play services) on my phone, but the build up in reports of malicious apps piling up in the play store and gaining popularity have somewhat put me off. To add to that, it's surprisingly easy to accidentally install a free application, about as easy as it is to pocket dial someone. Besides that, I've come to realise how little I actually use play services, such as Google Now (which has been more or less replaced by Assistant :( ), Gmail, Play Music, etc. I figured it'd be a sensible move to look at using the MicroG fork instead, so I can still retain some core Google API functionality on an otherwise clean installation of LineageOS.

I'm still able to access my paid applications using an open source front end for the Play Store, but now it doesn't have system level permissions - no more silent background updates for Core Google stuff that I don't use anymore (I know, I sound tinfoil af right now), no chance of accidentally installing trashware, and the biggest benefit is extended battery life due to fewer active system processes.

The only issue is that some paid applications can't validate their licenses without fully fledged Play Services. Most of my apps are fine, such as Relay Pro, Unified Remote Full, Retouch PPSSPP Gold (which is FOSS and "Gold" is a mere donation anyway) and a handful of games. The only two that won't work for me so far are MX Player Pro and DrasticDS. To be clear, the Yalp Store front end can't be used to pirate applications; users have the ability to log in for ascertain their paid apps.


My question is, whilst it is incredibly long winded, could there be another way to license Drasdic outside of the Play Store? Maybe a Paypal donation made within the Free version or something? I'd happily pay for it again just to be able to keep playing without full Google Play Services.

With that said, I understand it'd be a lot of work to implement for (what I presume is) fewer than 1% of your user base. I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of the emulator already, but I just thought it might be worth asking.

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Kind regards,


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