Pokemon SoulSilver bug.

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Re: Pokemon SoulSilver bug.

Post by Rocha9494 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:54 pm

Nexus1999 wrote:A web search Pokémon Heartgold .dsv file download may help you. Use .dsv since it is the same format used for DraStic save files. After making a backup of your current one, place the new save in storage/emulated/0/drastic/backup. To be used a test run for whether the issue is a compatability, corrupted save file or even your settings.
I replaced the save game and it doesn't work, Drastic keeps loading my save game...
I replaced it by conecting the cellphone to the pc, and using a file manager in the cellphone, in both cases the location that I'm using to replace the file is: Storage/ Drastic/ Backup, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks and sorry!

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