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Need help with Pokemon W2 savestates, draStic unable to detect existing savestates (solved)

Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2021 8:38 pm
by Yeeeeehaw
a few weeks ago, i downloaded Pokemon White 2 and yesterday, i finished the full storyline and post-game stuff, so i went looking for a new game. I got Pokemon Platinum and i decided to play it. Everything went smoothly, the files are not corrupted and data is not reduced to atoms while playing it. Though there are few NPCs you could rebattle daily in W2, so i went back to it and found myself brought back to the title screen (of the game) with all data gone. The savestates are still in Drastic > Savestates btw, but the game couldn't detect them. I'm kinda desperate for help since i literally did almost everything you could do in that game, so any help is very appreciated

Solution: I went to the ROM zip file and opened it, had my progress in it. im glad :D