Solatorobo The Red Hunter! Help please

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Red The Hunter
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Solatorobo The Red Hunter! Help please

Post by Red The Hunter » Thu Mar 11, 2021 3:09 am

Hey Guys,

i'm new to Drastic and this Forum. First of all thanks for this great Emulator 90% of my games run really good on this :D favourite Game on the System "Solatorobo The Red Hunter" runs really bad :cry:

I'm getting huge slow downs in several parts in the game. I have tried everything to solve this but no chance the game speed falls to 20-50% in many chapters causing big delay and makes it unplayable.

I know the issues with this Game floating around for a couple of years now after i did some research but i really wanted to adress this problem again to get some help because i want to play this game on drastic.

Can anyone help me please?


Phone: Samsung J7 2017 duos
Ram: 3GB
Drastic build: latest build (paid)
OS: Android 9
Video Settings: default
Filter: none
Audio: low

For more information leave a reply please :!:

Thanks in Advance

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