In-game save file corruption. Pucca: power up.

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In-game save file corruption. Pucca: power up.

Post by Hugglechi » Sun Nov 15, 2020 4:47 am

Hello, I wanted to play this Pucca: Power up game on the DS, I bought the Drastic emulator years back and still use it (its updated to recent). I have gotten the rom from several sites and they all do the same thing, I start up the game to select a slot save and they all say "error" and when you press it it says "save file is corrupt and will be deleted", press it again and it restarts the game and it becomes a loop. I don't know if this is a lost cause game or what but, I want to try to get it working. I have a Samsung S9+ and i have cheats disabled, Always use system time for RTC, and enable preloading unzipped games to RAM (i dont know why its on, I just saw a thread to put that on). Nothing works! Please help! I haven't even gotten to play it so there is not established game time or saved game. I hope these links help, if not ill put them on imgur. These are discord links. ... raStic.jpg ... raStic.jpg

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Re: In-game save file corruption. Pucca: power up.

Post by dsattorney » Sun Nov 15, 2020 9:02 pm

Tried disabling Preloading unzipped games to RAM?

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