Can't load games from micro SD card

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Can't load games from micro SD card

Post by zoinks » Wed Oct 21, 2020 7:26 pm

I recently installed drastic on my new tablet and I was playing a mario kart rom on my micro SD card without any problems. A couple hours later I tried to load additional roms from my SD card and they didn't even show up. All of the roms were zip files so I figured extracting them might help. The extracted roms did show up - but they all gave me the "the file you tried to open is not a valid rom" error when I tried to start them. When I copy the roms over to the internal storage they load without a hitch. And oddly enough, the Mario kart rom still loads off the SD card, so only "new" roms I've yet to load on the SD card that don't work.

How can I fix this?

Device: Amazon fire HD 8 plus
Version: r2.5.2.2a

Edit: added another game to my rom directory, loaded up drastic and hit load game, and all of the roms that weren't showing up previously now show up and work - but the new rom I added doesn't appear in the list.

Edit 2: okay so restarting my tablet (twice) seemed to fix it. I imagine I'll have to do that every time I download more games - a little annoying but at least they show up eventually.

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