Mouse pointer displayed in top left cornet on Retropie version

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Mouse pointer displayed in top left cornet on Retropie version

Post by arcadianflat » Sat May 09, 2020 5:32 pm


I am using DRASTIC for a while on Retropie handhelds, Kite Circuit Sword with CM3 CM3+s.
On the latest handheld, the one before I did 1 year ago, when I open games I have a persistent mouse cursor on the top left corner on the screen.
The mouse cursor stays there and there forever and there is nothing that makes it go away, this was not the case on my previous handheld where there is just some scribbling on the top left that is so small on my screen it is invisible.
If I connect a mouse to my pi, I can move the arrow out of the visible screen (I am using a 320x240 display ) and then I am good for the session but this comes out next time I open a game.
when using a mouse both the arrow and the "virtual stick/pen" move together, the pen disappearing quickly when not being moved.
When I use my analogue stick of the handheld, only the "virtual stick/pen" moves, but the mouse cursor does not.

Now, my problem is that I do not normally have a mouse connected, so that cursor is really annoying.
I could try to simulate a mouse movement on opening of the emulator to move the arrow out of the way, but this is clumsy and seems to be a bad workaround.

Is there anything you can do to help?
I understand the retropie version is free and you are very much concentrating on android.
But the emulator is fantastic on Pi and on my handheld (where the menu does not display because screen size is too small and many other hurdles) once working is just a perfect fit.

I would be happy to pay for this if at all possible.
I attach an image of the handheld showing the pointer.


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