Moving Drastic Saves to regular DS

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Moving Drastic Saves to regular DS

Post by UraniumDonut » Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:33 am

Hey there,

Drastic uses its own "RAM based" save state system. Due to multiplayer I want to temporarily move my save to a regular DS. (Which takes .sav files).

Is there any way by which I could tickle out a .sav file?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Moving Drastic Saves to regular DS

Post by kaikun97 » Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:44 am

Save States are a completely custom format, there isn't a way to get a save file out of them.

In-game saves however, which create a .DSV file in the Drastic/Backup folder can be converted to .SAV

You'll need an emulator called Desmume on PC to comvert them to the raw .SAV format. Download Desmume, run it, a folder named Battery will be made in the folder you run it from. Put all yout .DSV files in that folder.

Load up each rom in Desume. If the rom name is the same as the .DSV, it should detect it. Once you confirmed the save is loaded, you can click "Export Battery Backup" from the File menu to export it as a raw .SAV file. Do this for all the games.

Once thats done, use this online save comverter if you wish to use the .SAV file with a Flashcart such as an R4 card.

Have RAW format as the source, and select the appropiate target format, usually the one that has R4, Acekard 2 and CycloDS in the name and convert them. You'll get a .SAV file that should work on those cards and their clones.

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