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Feature suggestion: Upload in-game saves to google drive or provide a way to extract it from dss file

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:28 am
by zixzax

This is my first post here.

I have a feature suggestion: automatic backup for in-game saves to google drive.
Currently backup is only available for save states, and even though an in-game save is somehow bundled inside the "dss" file used for save states, there is no easy way to obtain/extract the in-game save file ".dsv" from the ".dss" file.

An alternative feature would be to provide a way to extract the "dsv" file from the "dss" that is already backed-up. (Assuming the user has not deactivated the option for saving the in-game save alongside the saved state)

Afaik, the only way of obtaining the in-game save from the "dss" file is to actually load it in drastic and use the in-game save option, then the "dsv" file is written to storage and can be copied else where.
If the in-game save is already included in the "dss" file, there must be another way. Exophase previously implied that this is possible but didn't elaborate on how to do that.

I tried to find the offset of the "dsv" file content within the "dss" file using a hex editor, but couldn't. It seems the content of the "dsv" file is compressed/encrypted in some way before being appended to the actual save state and finally saved as the "dss" file.

The target is to have built-in automatic backup for in-game saves, either by directly uploading them (preferred) or by extracting them from save state files that are already uploaded.

Thanks a lot for considering this!