For what platforms is DraStic available?

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Re: For what platforms is DraStic available?

Post by Lunos » Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:00 pm

Nexus1999 wrote:Desmume isn't as resource demanding as it used to be. Try out the different interpreters. JIT at 50% is fast enough & at 100% is twice as needed.
It still runs worse than NO$GBA with extremely Low-End hardware though. I tried everything to get Desmume work properly, but unlike NO$GBA I just can't get a smooth experience out of it.

The problem that NO$GBA has though, is not only the fact that errors present ever since v2.6a are still there in the latest versions, but also its audio sucks balls.
It sounds reeeally bad and Martin doesn't seem to be interested in actually putting some work into upgrading that part of the emulator.

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