Friendly Suggestion for succeeding in emulating wifi

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Re: Friendly Suggestion for succeeding in emulating wifi

Post by TkSilver » Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:41 pm

beansta wrote: also, would u really want to run a DS emulator on a watch? lol

and fyi, yes it works on my watch too.
As far as smartwatches go (for me), that might be the first semi useful thing it would do. Since I don't care enough about notifications (except for calls) to need to see them 30 seconds sooner and if I wanted a faster simpler way to tell the time outside of looking at my phone I would buy ..... a watch.

To be fair for fitness or social media addicts I can see a smartwatch having nice functionality. Also some of the "party tricks" seem amusing, but not exactly something I could see myself using enough to justify the price.

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