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Adding a cheat menu to romhacks/ general questions about how cheats are implemented

Posted: Tue May 10, 2022 10:39 pm
by commandrogyne
Hi, apologies if there's already a discussion on this somewhere else, the search function doesn't let me look for anything with the keyword 'cheats/'cheat' which makes finding threads on this a lot more difficult.
I'm currently working my way through renegade platinum, and it (obviously, being a romhack) doesn't have a pre-built menu with cheats and such like the vanilla game. I've been able to implement some via the 'custom cheats' entry in settings (all action replay so far), but it got me thinking: is it possible to implement the same kind of cheats menu available for normal pkmn games in a romhack? Most of the romhacks I've seen are patched versions of the vanilla game, which makes me think its probably not possible (besides how difficult it would be to test the cheats, I recognize this is a pretty small audience lol) since the patch could mess with the code for the cheats, but it still makes me wonder. If its possible to have user-submitted lists of cheats I'd be more than happy to try and migrate/test the existing cheats on the romhack, but I know very little about how cheats work and how drastic implements them. Honestly I'm just longing for the exp multiplier, I like to put my game on easy mode haha. Hope you're all having a good night/morning/day/etc!