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Read ".sav" file on DraStic

Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2021 6:02 am
by Vennece
:ds: Is there any feature or option to read .sav file instead of .dsv file?

Since there was no wifi/multiplayer mode for now, i would like to have this feature instead to use both DraStic and MelonDS without the use of MelonDS's .dsv to .sav file and DeSmume's .sav to .dsv, the MelonDS is for using the wifi/multiplayer capability on my pc so i can connect my game with save file from DraStic to internet, MelonDS has a feature of importing .dsv file and then when i'm done using the wifi feature, i use DeSmume to convert the .sav to .dsv. I had no problem between going redundant copy-paste from phone to pc to phone again because i use file syncing in my pc and phone at one folder, so whenever i play on phone or pc the save file updates and same goes to other device, like the directory of "DraStic/backup", "MelonDS/roms" and "DeSmume/battery" are in same synced folder, there'll never be likely a wifi capability on DeSmume because of its development about wifi capability is very outdated. so i only keep my hopes up on this emulator, it's best and more alive than DeSmume, and also the best reason is play DS games on-the-go.