iQue DS & iQue DS Lite BIOS & Official Firmware has Better Tech Specs than NDSL

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iQue DS & iQue DS Lite BIOS & Official Firmware has Better Tech Specs than NDSL

Post by Nexus1999 » Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:54 am

The iQue DS Tech Specs

"CPU One 67.028 MHz ARM946E-S and one 33.514 MHz ARM7TDMI"

"Memory : 4MB (mainland China iQue DS with Simplified Chinese interface, memory expanded to 10MB)
VRAM : 656KB

Display : 3 inch (diagonal) with a backlit TFT color LCD display
Resolution : 256x192, the number of color 260,000 color

ROM : Japan's MegaChips company developed a special specification memory card, the largest support 8Gbit (1024MB) or more

Three-dimensional performance: 120,000 polygons per second
Two-dimensional performance: 30 million points per second

Input: Cross key, A, B, L, R, X, Y, START, SELECT, touch screen, microphone

Network features: IEEE 802.11b (DS Lite using IEEE 802.11g ) (Wi-Fi)

Power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium battery (3.7V / 850mAh)

Sound : Stereo speakers

Weight: about 275 grams (about 218 grams of NDS Lite)"任天堂DS

The iQue DS Lite Tech Specs Improvements from The iQue DS Phat

3 inch (diagonal) all through the backlight device TFT color LCD display 2, 4-stage brightness adjustment
And is changed from a semi-transmissive reflective color TFT liquid crystal to a mobile phone and the like. In addition, has a 4-step brightness adjustment function, compared to the brightness of the picture from the machine can be more bright. To play in a more vivid picture. However, depending on the degree of increase, the battery will continue to use the time will be reduced. Resolution, color rendering, the screen size and DS the same.

(A / B / X / Y / L / R) + START / SELECT button + touch panel + microphone, built-in microphone (for sound input)
The type of operation device, the number has not changed. Configuration changes, the position of the START / SELECT button moves to the lower end of the A / B / X / Y button, the microphone and the power indicator, and the charge indicator moves to the hinge section.
power supply

Included rechargeable lithium batteries (3.7V * 1000mAh), pay AC / DC adapter (output 5.2V * 450mA, not be used Game Boy Advance SP , the Ren Tiantang DS AC adapter), the power management functions mounted (DS-specific limited use software )
Compared with the previous DS, the charging time is reduced and the longest battery duration is increased.

Vertical length 73.9mm × horizontal 133.0mm × thickness 21.5mm
And 10.8cm, 15.7cm, and 7.4cm in miniaturization compared with the conventional model.

About 218g
Compared to the previous DS about 57g lightweight.

With the growth of models compared to 1cm, diameter also increased by 1mm. With the main body of the insertion port to the right.

GBA cartridge slot
Compared with the Nintendo DS slot area shallow, the general GBA software inserted after about 1cm slightly exposed. With a special protective cover to prevent dust intrusion.

Sound quality slightly changed. In addition, depending on the individual, the volume becomes smaller. When the power is turned on, the opening sound (wave, puffy sound) is greatly reduced."任天堂DS_Lite

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