Drastic "VR" mode idea

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Drastic "VR" mode idea

Post by Steak_Typhoon » Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:30 pm

I recently got a VR headmount, so I can play some basic VR games using my phone. But it really shines when watching 3d video or playing 3d games in "side-by-side" mode. I got it to play VR but just playing around with 3d stuff is much easier and therefore enjoyable. So I got to thinking, could a side-by-side mode be added to DraStic to let players play games like Mario Kart DS in 3D? It's already been proven that most phones could be able to handle 3D because most can use the 2x resolution setting, which is actually 4x as many pixels to render. I also have the nvidia sheild tablet k1, which has an HDMI output, so I often play DS games on my TV, which just so happens to be a 3D TV! I would love to play some DS games in stereo 3D on my big screen.

Dolphin-emu and PPSSPP do something similar

To elaborate further on how this idea might be implemented, give the user a slider to determine how far apart the virtual cameras should be for each game; this value could be stored in a database so not every user would have to tinker with the setting.
To improve compatibility, there could be an option to pick whether both eyes are displaced, or just one of them. This would eliminate some issues with 2D elements not appearing ontop of 3D elements properly.

I know many people will say that the DS has a really low resolution even at 2x rendering, but I think as speed and accuracy of Drastic improves, it could be rendered at 4x like that one DeSmUmE fork (X432R).
This could also be a huge selling point for DraStic, people are rediscovering 3D gaming with the rapid growth of VR.

Oh and I remember a few homebrew games actually had a feature that you could turn your DS sideways to get stereoscopic 3D, but from what I've seen, it was all just static images, no video or games.
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Re: Drastic "VR" mode idea

Post by Fefo » Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:43 am

DraStic probably can render up to xX, it's just power-hungry. DeSmuME's main branch already implemented high-res rendering, along with texture filtering.

That said, it would be at least fun to see how the 2D/3D amalgam that compose several games would behave. Better? On very few games if any, I bet.

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