I don't have drastic... yet

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should I get this emulator?

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I don't have drastic... yet

Post by pokéfan » Fri Oct 07, 2016 9:49 pm

Hello forum, I was just wondering if this emulator is truly worth it. I want to get this but it's a little expensive, and I'm just wondering if this is worth it. I really want to play heartgold pokemon but none of the other free emulators work. I also kind of like to cheat every once in a while and I saw this supported that, was just wondering if this emulator truly is worth it. Thanks!

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Re: I don't have drastic... yet

Post by TkSilver » Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:54 am

From a performance perspective it will depend on your device to some extent, but assuming it is has a armv7 processor with neon support or higher, you should have decent performance.

For example my 2014 galaxy tab s can run pretty much all the games I have thrown at it at 90-100%/100% speed with no frame skipping and even a number in high res mode which is far more demanding. You may need some frame skipping or high res mode might not be a reasonable idea depending on your exact device, but drastic runs surprisingly well on a wide range of devices... plus you can test your device with the demo first to see how well it will run drastic.

As far as cheats go, there is a pretty extensive builtin database of cheats you can use and also a builtin way to add any cheat that does not already exist or to odd rom hacks or other non covered games.

So yes drastic costs more then most emulators, but it really is one of the best ones on Android with pretty remarkable performance given it's relatively low requirements to run.

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