The emulator works great!

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The emulator works great!

Post by Rooo1o » Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:14 pm

i'm gonna admit that i was looking at pirated versions of this app...well, who doesn't, right?

Anyway, i bought the app and everything is fantastic. i've been playing pokémon SoulSilver on it with near-perfect performance and no real issues at all.

i have just one question though...there's a built-in cheat for SoulSilver that turns normal, 2D environments, like in-door places, 3D. How does that work? as far as i can tell, all a gameshark code does is just inject an unexpected hexadecimal value, how does that turn a 2D environment 3D?

if anyone could sedate this hopeless question, i would be most grateful :P

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Re: The emulator works great!

Post by kaikun97 » Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:54 am

All building interiors are actually 3D, but for whatever reason Game Freak decided to make them 2D and simply set the game view to a Top down 2D view (they use a special view that doesn't have any 3D perspective) That cheat changes the view mode back to the standard 3D view.

This is likely because the rooms are made with 3D models and assets that already exist in the game as its a lot easier than having to redesign all the building assets in 2D. Its probably also the fact that maps in the game including interior maps are 3D model files.

Diamond and Pearl was actually going to have 3D rooms, and all the rooms are designed for it if you use the 3D cheat as well.

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