Just bought DraStic....wow!

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Just bought DraStic....wow!

Post by jim_h » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:40 pm


I miss my old DS lite and considered buying a second hand one before stumbling upon DraStic today. I downloaded the demo version and here's what I thought before buying it tonight. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Thirty minutes for a demo to work....hmm, I wasn't sure it would be long enough until I realised it's thirty minutes per game. Impressive! That was important to me as I assumed not all games will work properly or at all and I had visions of rushing to test the several I have in the short time with the demo. No need to worry. In the end, I only actually tried the demo with a couple of games for a few minutes each and couldn't believe just how well the emulator works.

I also read something about using a controller with it, so I plugged in my OTG cable and old 360 controller with fairly low expectations (sorry). No config needed at all and DraStic just works with it. Mario Kart is awesome with this setup and worth the cost of DraStic alone for me.

So, my initial agreement (based on some Play store reviews) that the purchase price is possibly too high for an Android app was unfounded. For me, it was worth every penny because it means I can still play all my old games without having to bother buying a used DS and carrying it around with me.

I'm really impressed with this app and I've only used it for around 2hrs so far in total.

Cheers :mrgreen:

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