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Obscure handheld consoles?

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:23 am
by huckleberrypie
I'm sure we all know a thing or two about the Game Boy and of course the DS series, but what about those that never had a chance to be in the spotlight, or at most only saw a bit of exposure, like the Watara Supervision, Mega Duck and Bit Corporation's Gamate? The latter's lulzy as it wasn't until December 2014 when someone actually took great lengths and added support for it in MESS. Prior to that no ROM dumps exist for the Gamate, let alone a working emu.

It amuses and fascinates me that hardware back in the old days can be cloned and reverse-engineered so easily, mostly due to how simple they are. Even if they're not direct clones of the GB they're somewhat comparable to who they tried to compete with, compared to shoddy LCD games you see on flea markets; there are actually GB clones before, but they're rare, plus it took a long while before a GBA workalike was produced.