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by Naitou
Sat Jan 02, 2021 1:19 am
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Topic: Updates on Open Source state for Drastic?
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Re: Updates on Open Source state for Drastic?

tomkatt wrote:
Sun Dec 06, 2020 3:17 am
Any updates on this?
The truth is that they said this year but I think they forgot LOL :lol:
by Naitou
Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:21 pm
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Topic: What is next for Drastic
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Re: What is next for Drastic

I think that online multiplayer (but not local) might be a possibility when and if Drastic goes open source . They could implement libslirp from MelonDS : A beta for MelonDs has already been released for android so drascti could go from being the opti...
by Naitou
Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:14 pm
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Topic: Drastic for RetroRoller on Odroid Go Advance/BE
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Re: Drastic for RetroRoller on Odroid Go Advance/BE

kaikun97 wrote:
Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:25 am
I would suggest waiting for the open source version releasing sometime this year, it will make a port much easier as well.

You'll want to ask xperia64 or Exophase here for permission in the meantime though.
It tells you to wait until December 31 of this year if on January 1 of the next Lol XD
by Naitou
Mon May 18, 2020 12:39 pm
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Topic: No downloaded ROMS appearing
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Re: No downloaded ROMS appearing

This app says expired and has me dl xtendo 3ds and STILL refuses to let me see my roms. All I want to know is what location can I put the roms in to see them? I let ad run through and nothing. It WILL not show roms. Permissions are set to yes allow storage and im running android 8. Awnser to next q...
by Naitou
Sun May 17, 2020 2:44 am
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Topic: Need help
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Re: Need help

NickFR24 wrote:
Sat May 09, 2020 8:40 pm
I have an Samsung J2 core, I know it's not the best but the games worked perfectly and I my Android version is 8.1.0
you are right about that and that I use the j2 prime
by Naitou
Mon Apr 27, 2020 7:30 pm
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Topic: Bluetooth multiplayer
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Re: Bluetooth multiplayer

There are some open-source DS emulators that already have multiplayer support. "So why not use their code?" Drastic is a paid, closed-sorce emulator. This does not allow the developers to use code from other open-sorce projects. For once, I wish DraStic was open-source... Seriously, that sucks! I'm...
by Naitou
Sat Apr 11, 2020 10:55 am
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Topic: Using DraStic without Google
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Re: Using DraStic without Google

Where can I get the app? I don't have no gapps nor microg stuff. Unfortunately you have to either wait for the DraStic team to open-source and release the app outside play store or use a different phone (or anything which can run play store) and use the play store to buy and install the app and the...