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by Vennece
Wed Nov 17, 2021 6:02 am
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Topic: Read ".sav" file on DraStic
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Read ".sav" file on DraStic

:ds: Is there any feature or option to read .sav file instead of .dsv file? Since there was no wifi/multiplayer mode for now, i would like to have this feature instead to use both DraStic and MelonDS without the use of MelonDS's .dsv to .sav file and DeSmume's .sav to .dsv, the MelonDS is for using ...
by Vennece
Fri Oct 29, 2021 12:59 pm
Forum: Help and Compatibility
Topic: Pokemon save corruption issues (work-around in thread)
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Re: Pokemon save corruption issues (work-around in thread)

I have corrupted data in white 2. And this works for me: 1. Drastic option->advanced uncheck "Store in-game Saves in Savestates" 2. Drastic option->System check "always use system time for RTC" 3. Load your desire state and save the state to another slot as state 2 4. Hard reset the game and Use th...