FFTA GoR bad saves

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FFTA GoR bad saves

Postby daor3194 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:48 pm


first of all i wanna say thanks for this app, its really good, better than other nds emulators out there

so my problen right now is that i cannot save in-game if i do in any sloth and overwriting the main one, the game will close.. not even reseting!

and i cant save or quicksave too!, if i do they will IMEDIATLY gets deleted and replaced by the last 2 saves, i went to "manage savefiles" and its looks normal and it looks like these 2 savefiles have google drive backup.. so i delete them both and i go to the main menu, and BAM!!, they are there in the folder!, its like i cant overwrite them, delete them ... so i tried to move the actual files and start to look for solutions like moving the savefiles to other folders across my sdcard or my phone memory; i empty the savefiles folders and it wont let me create new savefiles.. it will get deleted right away.. so it did not work, the games runs normal, (one of my fav NDS and i have played the GBA version too).. so i can play it regular but i cant neither save in game or out game nor quicksaves...

another fact i have not played games since july of the last year.. and i think there was an update.. not big difference..then now i went back to play some FFTA GoR, and now this happens to me...

im really sad right now i putted over 130hours i need help to save my savefiles

i have a samsung galaxy s5 , but the sdcard i rooted from a samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket since 2015, so my s5 is not rooted all the way, only my sdcard, i did not wanted to unrooted because there is some exelent phone cleanup apps ("SDmaid pro" is the name) that help my phone memory to get clean due of "you cant install games AND STORE THEIR DATA IN YOUR SDCARD."

so i cant tell if because i stop playing my games and installed the new update, or my rooted sdcard will be interfering with the new updated, because i had this savefiles for a year and nothing happened, i start playing when i got my s5, i couldnt run it in my s2.. too laggy


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