Game Path Problem and Android 6.0

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Game Path Problem and Android 6.0

Postby Woogoo » Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:32 pm

I have two devices I use Drastic on, Galaxy Tab S (GTS) and Galaxy S7 (GS7).
My GTS recently updated to Android 6.0 and Drastic no longer knows where my games are stored, it just displays the root directory. I can load a game if I navigate to it however. My GS7 has a similar problem, if I move my games to a different folder it will do the same. How do I set my game directory in Drastic?

The second problem is whenever I use "Continue Game" it always loads the same game even if I have played a different game.

Great app here, only issue ive had so far is with the file paths but good on everything else, this is the best DS emulator on Android.

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