Troubleshooting crashes/sudden closes and other problems

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Troubleshooting crashes/sudden closes and other problems

Postby Exophase » Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:30 pm

For any kind of problem please first make sure that you're running the latest version of DraStic from Google Play. Then try to re-install the app and reboot your device. If you're using a version that was not purchased on Google Play the app may be failing by design: we can't help you with this. Otherwise, check for specific issues below.

In all cases, if the app suddenly closes and you receive a pop-up dialog with a 'Report' button, please press it and report the issue. Then e-mail us at with a description of the problem, your device model, and the time/date of your report.

Problem: The app closes on launch
- Make sure that a Google account is present on the device and that you're logged into Google Play.
- Update Google Play if possible.
- Disable notifications for the app in Settings > Apps > DraStic. This is known to cause issues with the emulator.

Problem: The app closes after pressing any button in the main menu
- Disable notifications for the app in Settings > Apps > DraStic. This is known to cause issues with the emulator.

Problem: The app goes back to the main menu after selecting any game, without showing any error message
- Check if 'Do not keep activities' is enabled in Settings > Developer options. This option might not be available on your device, but if it is enabled, please disable it.

Problem: The app crashes back to the main menu or the desktop after loading any game
- If you're continuing a savestate (either by pressing 'Continue' in the main menu, or by loading one after selecting the game), try loading the game without the savestate, by selecting it, then pressing 'Start Game'.
- Try loading a game from the internal memory and external SD-card to see if it only happens with one of them.
- If you're loading a compressed game (.zip, .rar, or .7z), try manually extracting the raw .nds file with an app like ZArchiver or AndroZip.
- If the compressed file was somehow corrupted, you will probably get an error while trying to uncompress it, which would explain why DraStic can't load the file either.
- If the extraction succeeds, load the .nds file directly in DraStic.
- If none of the above helps select the game then press 'Create Shortcut' instead of loading the game.
- Close the app, and start the game via the shortcut on your desktop.

Problem: The app crashes while playing a game
- Disable 'Multi-Threaded 3D Rendering' in DraStic's video options.
- If you have cheats enabled, disable all of them, then make an in-game save. Go to the game menu and press 'Reset Game', then load the in-game save you just made.
- If that doesn't help, and you can reliably reproduce the issue, please send us the in-game save (it's stored in /sdcard/DraStic/backup on your device) with instructions how to exactly reproduce the crash.

Problem: Savestates can't be uploaded to Google Drive
Check that there is a folder named 'DraStic' on your Google Drive account. Sometimes the folder can't be created automatically and uploads will fail. If the folder isn't there, create it manually and try to upload a savestate again.

Problem: DraStic can't be re-installed without paying, even if it was already purchased
As long as you're using the Google account that you purchased the app with you should be able to install DraStic on any devices without another purchase. So first and foremost, make sure you're using the same account. If you want to migrate to a new account e-mail us at; we may be able to refund the original account's purchase.

If you are using the same account and Google Play says you need to purchase the app, try doing the following:
- Log into with the account and check that a successful purchase of DraStic is listed in the transaction history.
- If the purchase is there, try updating Google Play if possible, clear Google Play's cache/data, and restart your device.
- If that still doesn't do it, remove your Google account completely from the device, then add it again when logging into Google Play.
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Re: Troubleshooting crashes/sudden closes and other problems

Postby Spoonthatissmol » Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:50 pm

My game keeps freezing on the same part over and over again. I just installed to app again as well. I'm playing pokemon platinum and I'm trying to raise my pokemon's happiness by entering contests in hearthorm city (sorry about spelling) as soon as it tells you how much attention your pokemon attracted the game will freeze and I saved right before but not I'm stuck in a loop of loading and freezing. Can I please have help? I'm sorry if this isn't the right topic but I was more sure about this one than the other ones.

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