Drastic on the Nintendo Switch?

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Re: Drastic on the Nintendo Switch?

Postby PatchAdams » Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:05 pm

ericbazinga wrote:
PatchAdams wrote:
ericbazinga wrote:Niiiice. I assume the hack works similarly to SSB Brawl's Custom Stages hack. (I remember that's how you booted Project M if you didn't want to hack your Wii. I later used the same method to hack mine.)

Sort of but the only prerequisite for this is you have to be on 3.0.0

1.Download latest nx-hbmenu.
2.Put the hbmenu.nro on the root of your sdcard.
3.Insert the sdcard into the device.
4.Set your Switch DNS server to, and perform a connection test.
5.Click "Install"
6.If you see 2000-1337 on your screen it means installation succeeded.

Restart the device, and perform a new connection test.
Click "Run".
The exploit is finished when there's a popup asking you to exit.

Go to the home menu and click the Album icon.


Even though it's only been out a few days there's already new Homebrew trickling out everyday :)

Oh. That's not like the Brawl hack at all. I thought the hack would exploit the Album menu when there's no photos/videos and the system reads off the SD card to see if there's any photos there.
That's how the Brawl hack worked, it read the SD card to see if there's any custom stages on the card. (You have to delete the 3 that are automatically included with a save slot, so that there's none.) You click on the Custom Stages icon in Brawl's menu and the hack boots up, reading whatever you put on the SD card. If you were using the "hackless" version of Project M, it would boot straight into the mod, which was stored on the SD card. You could also use the same hack to install the Homebrew Channel (which I did), and of course they have a "hacked" version of Project M that boots off the Homebrew Channel. (Of course, there's plenty of other homebrew you can run. Tools, emulators, and even full games. I installed a media player on my Wii that has the ability to play DVDs.)

I hacked the crap out of mine too, bit earlier though I used the initial Twilight Princess hack :P
I'm not 100% how the hack works but I think it has something to do with the Mii's on the switch but again I could be way off, I'm sure there's a technical write somewhere of how it works though. ;)

Work has already started on a CFW too https://github.com/SciresM/Atmosphere-NX although the dev says it maybe a while before 3.0.0 users get to us it
(He wants to get Firmware 1.0.0 version support out first)
Does Exophase still visit here regularly? It would be good to know if he has any interest in bringing Drastic to Switch :P

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