Possible DraStic Native Support for...?

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Possible DraStic Native Support for...?

Postby Nexus1999 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:47 pm

DLDI auto patching?

iQue DS Lite BIOS & Firmware/Flash File has Better Specs than other official NDSLite BIOSes & fws. So too can the custom BIOS & firmware for DraStic be made better by default?

"Memory : 4MB (mainland China iQue DS with Simplified Chinese interface, memory expanded to 10MB)
VRAM : 656KB

ROM : Japan's MegaChips company developed a special specification memory card, the largest support 8Gbit (1024MB) or more"


Along with those specs, For Homebrew games that require it, Slot-2 RAM expansion by 32MB? Slot-1 RAM expansion by 32MB as well?

Vertical refresh rate synchronization aligned timing to reduce screen tearing, battery charge consumption & resource load. Swap chain interval options of 1-4 & swap chain buffering from 1-4. This would increase compatibility.

JIT Interpreter with block size scaling from 0-100. This would help increase performance for people with low end CPUs & GPUs.

Android Vulkan APIs support would greatly improve performance for devices that can take advantage. Of which flagship smartphones from 2016 & onward can.

People literally disregard other DS emulators in favour of DraStic. On PC they will use Blue Stacks or Chrome OS with Archon Packager mod packaged apps or even modern Chromebooks just to use DraStic. So Open GL rendering support is welcome.

Anisotropic texture filtering up to 16x?

Internal resolution scaling factors of 1,
2, 3, 4 & 5?

Audio sample rate presets such as 44.1, 48, 96, 192, & 384KHZ. Some smartphones & most definitely PCs can perform audio play back at 384KHZ. Most can do 192KHZ. This applies for those devices & Head Sets that enable actually picking up the bit rate & frequency.

You are welcome to make suggestions, questions & responses. Especially from the devs.

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