DraStic on the rPi

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DraStic on the rPi

Postby FrostyWolf » Wed May 03, 2017 1:58 pm

So, I've been experimenting with DraStic on the Raspberry Pi recently. To better suit it for being played on a TV, I had a suggestion.

Because the DS screen is 4:3 and typically most TVs are 16:9, I feel like in addition to the regular screen options, a fullscreen option that took the 4:3 screen and aligned it with the left (or right I guess) side of the TV, and then put the secondary screen on the right top or right bottom (or vise versa if the main screen was aligned to the right) would be incredibly helpful.

Combined with the already existing feature to bind a button to swap screens, you would get the benefits of full screen while being able to keep track of what's happening on the other screen. The space is going to always be unused anyway (unless stretching the picture or playing on a non-standard aspect ratio screen) as the black bars on either side of the main screen in fullscreen mode.

For games like say, Chrono Trigger on the DS, where the touch screen is typically a mini map or inventory options or what not, this would be perfect. The unused space below (or above) of the secondary screen could also be utilized, for say, displaying the game speed or what not.
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Re: DraStic on the rPi

Postby Exophase » Sat May 06, 2017 3:31 pm

The screen options in right now are kind of a placeholder; I'd like to spend some time implementing a complete screen editor that lets you position and size both screens as you wish. That should make it pretty easy to implement layouts like this, I hope.

It's just kind of a lot of work on the UI side, probably have to think about it a little more but yeah this is high on my list of things to do once I can find some time to really focus on the RPi port.

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