Would it be possible for this to be added?

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Would it be possible for this to be added?

Postby Vegito72 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:37 pm

Would it be possible for a feature to be added that allows you to use another device that has drastic as a controller (like epsxe has)? I have a small device (used for emulation because it runs android 2.3) and a tablet that I run games and apps on, drastic works well on both devices (which is surprising because the small device can't run ps1 or n64 emulators smoothly), however the screen on the smaller device is only the size of the top screen of the dsi (not dsi xl) which isn't really ideal for playing ds games, I've been playing them on my tablet however I can't get used to large controls and keep accidentally activating the touch screen (somewhat annoying while playing games like Mario 64 ds).

As a side note I am used to small controls which is why I am asking if this could be a thing as you will see in the images below

Also you may notice that the controls are roughly the size of the dsi controls but a bit bigger because something something not being able to press a button down

Also having small controls on the larger device leads to accidentally activating the touch screen

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