DraStic Ideas for Development

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DraStic Ideas for Development

Postby Dr.DraStic » Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:21 pm

The DraStic emulator enables Video Filters alone, but with development by Exophase, can utilize a Shader option along with, but seperate from Video Filters. The same way that DeSume on the Retorarch frontend allows for the use of a Video Filter & a Shader option both simultaneously while running DeSume emulation. As well that Screen Overlays could also be an additional option seperate from video Filters & Shaders. Such as CRT, CRT Mask, Scanlines, LCD3X & etc. For example a Super2xSal Video Filter for 3D image smoothing & a Super2xSai Shader for 2D image smoothing with a Screen Overlay option of LCD3X would look amazing for Graphics quality.

Instead of just High Resolution 3D rendering, the native resolution of Nintendo Developer System, Nintendo Developer Lite, Nintendo Developer System i, & Nintendo Developer System Extra Large can be added as an option to change the resolution. Each can be listed under a Resolution option within Graphics in Options, simply as the abreviated form like NDS, NDSL, NDSi, & NDSi Extra Large.
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Re: DraStic Ideas for Development

Postby huckleberrypie » Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:06 am

Uh, what?
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Re: DraStic Ideas for Development

Postby Steak_Typhoon » Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:08 pm

I think Dr.Drastic is asking for more shader options and a DPI switch? Or maybe custom resolutions. Here's an idea: 4k rendering; I know there isn't a device around that could possibly do this in realtime, but I would jizz in my pants if I could render a TAS at 4k.

Oh, and "NDS" doesn't stand for "Nintendo Developer System", Dr. Drastic, it stands for "Nintendo Dual Screen". I may have just completely misread you, but you really need to work on making grammatically correct sentences and coherent paragraphs.
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Re: DraStic Ideas for Development

Postby TkSilver » Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:19 pm

Dr. Drastic ypu are in luck DraStic does emulate in native resolution for the
NDS - 256x192
DS lite - 256x192
DSi - 256x192
DSi XL - 256x192

The screen sizes are different on each model (from 3" to 4.2") but that is more a setting for the layout then the resolution.

As far as the shaders go that would be something Lordus or Exo woukd know much more about. But you can write custom shaders and use those so maybe you can find something that works better for you in the shader thread.

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