Is The 6 bucks for drastic worth it?

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Re: Is The 6 bucks for drastic worth it?

Postby Rotkaeqpchen » Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:13 am

Vegito72 wrote:Is drastic worth the 6 bucks? I mean like i could take that money and support 4j or mojang or the person that made myboy or ppsspp
also if you use a cracked version its just paid without the options
and why can't the free version be like the paid version but without the time limit and excluding some features, like it could be like myboy and not let you have save states or limit you to only having 2x the fast forward speed or limiting you to have only 3-5 cheats active at once

I guess the price is to keep away the people that don't have a ds or dsi to stop them from pirating games
and the only people that would pay the 6 bucks would be people that own a ds/dsi and want to back up chrono trigger because its less expensive to buy drastic than an r4/r4I

but i feel like i don't have the money to waste on an app I'm gonna uninstall in 3-5 hours after installing it because i got fed up with touch controlls and decided to just play pokemon black 2 on my dsi

You can buy a BlackBerry PRIV or wait for the BlackBerry Mercury. Both have a great keyboard that complements the DraStic experience and makes playing very enjoyable!
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Re: Is The 6 bucks for drastic worth it?

Postby Diathedia » Wed Mar 15, 2017 3:23 am

My phone was Samsung s3 mini, and I uninstalled Drastic right after I bought it because the performance on some games are really poor (I blame the phone)
Once I switched to Redmi 3s Prime, I reinstalled it and have been happy ever since :D

P.S, at that time, I was playing Harvest Moon Tales of Two Towns and PokeBlack 2
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Re: Is The 6 bucks for drastic worth it?

Postby Raymond199483 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:28 pm

Yes it's definitely worth it I use it daily works perfectly on my samsung galaxy on5 mostly play Pokemon with it never had problems with it

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