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Re: Shaders

Postby xperia64 » Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:19 pm

SLIMES© wrote:Everytime i try to use scanline filter, this message appears...
- Scanline filter could not be loaded. Using fallback.
My phone its a: Moto Z Play

I have confirmed and fixed this issue, which should be in the next beta version. In the mean time, here is the updated scanline.dsd file:
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Re: Shaders

Postby jdgleaver » Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:23 am

I made a quick port of the 'zfast_lcd' shader from RetroArch, and thought I'd share...

The attached zip file contains two variants:

- zfast_lcd: This is a very simple shader (minimal performance impact) that creates an LCD effect by adding a subtle grid lattice to the screen

- zfast_lcd+nds_color: This is the same as 'zfast_lcd', but also incorporates the 'nds-color' shader from RetroArch, which applies colour correction to simulate the display characteristics of a DS Phat. It has slightly higher system requirements, but it's still quite 'light' and is the one I would recommend.

Both shaders work correctly with 'High-Resolution 3D Rendering' turned ON or OFF.

NB: These shaders are intended for use with a high resolution display (at least 1080p). If you try to run them at a lower resolution, you'll probably need to play around with integer screen scaling to avoid ugly aliasing effects.

Enjoy! :)


EDIT: Oh snap - I can't seem to do anything right this week... I just realised that the zfast_lcd+nds_color shader I posted was tweaked for a particular device of mine with a non-standard gamma level. For most LCD panels, 'display_gamma' should be 2.2, not 2.4. I have updated the attached zip file with the corrected shader - please re-download if you have the old one!
zfast_lcd shader for DraStic (corrected gamma value)
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