Might wanna cancel that Windows Phone port, Exo...

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Re: Might wanna cancel that Windows Phone port, Exo...

Postby ericbazinga » Thu Apr 13, 2017 12:34 pm

Exophase wrote:
Fefo wrote:Since you were targeting UWP to streamline payment and DRM, does it mean that you're fancying a no-strings release to PC, just like on Pandora and Retropie?

Yes, it'd be like those versions, not the Android one.

Fefo wrote:If anyone used those versions, how does it compare to the Android version? It is "up to date"?

The UI is a lot simpler and it doesn't have as many features. Still working on adding some rather basic things like screen positioning/independent sizing.

The emulation core is up to date on RPi, a little behind on Pandora right now (need to do more work with it)

Just BTW, i'd be happy to test the Windows version of DraStic for you. I have a fair amount of games to test with (including some big-ticket items like Mario Kart and Pokemon), not to mention I have a kinda-crappy laptop (I remember you said the Windows version was for low-end PCs, so my computer can give you an idea on how Drastic runs on weak PCs).

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Re: Might wanna cancel that Windows Phone port, Exo...

Postby Fefo » Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:02 pm

Pretty nice. Does it use software rendering on those platforms too? Performing as well as it does on mobile and offloading stuff to graphic cards would make it a very efficient emulator (I guess), even going for de facto desktop emulator until the new bouts show some work.

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