My confession, the truth hurts.

Post whatever!

Should Kyousuke753 be banned and not given support?

Yes he's a horrible pirate
No he helps out in the forums
He's a pirate, I'm a pirate, you're a pirate...what does it matter?
He's paid for Drastic so he's safe for now.
Total votes: 9
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Re: My confession, the truth hurts.

Postby huckleberrypie » Fri Jul 29, 2016 4:10 am

Exophase wrote:
huckleberrypie wrote:Like posting links to pirated software or anything else that's just as egregrious of course. :P

If you do something like that I'll edit the post and tell you to cut it out.. if you have a hard time cutting it out I may be left with little choice but that's not really a thing I've seen happen.

Generally I really don't like seeing people banned unless they're persistently and unapologetically disruptive and malicious. And even when people are difficult to deal with I really hope things can work out.. sometimes they end up becoming some of the more valuable members of an online community.

As what Wikipedia mentioned at one time, a number of long time members and even some admins actually started off as vandals or trolls before maturing and turning on a new leaf.

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